Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P2 Hits Its Stride in 2009

Here's a good article on the advancements of P2 tapeless recording technology and workflow, as well as the new studio quality AVC-Intra 100 format:

P2 Hits Its Stride in 2009

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SSV offers two P2 cameras, the Panasonic HPX170 DVCPRO HD 1/3" P2 camcorder and the HPX2700 DVCPRO HD/AVC-Intra 2/3" P2 Varicam camera. We are always happy to help bring our clients up to speed on the reliability and convenience of P2 file based recording.

Thank you to "Millimeter/Digital Content Producer" and author Helmut Kobler who I enjoyed meeting at Varicamp in November.