Thursday, March 15, 2012

New HD Gear Keeps Coming!

2012 brings new gear to SSV. While we have over the past few years become more involved with film style camera packages and accessories--such as our Panasonic AF100 large sensor digital cine cameras, Arri Alura 35mm Cine zoom and Nikon 35mm SLR prime lenses, and camera support--we are investing more into multi-camera HD equipment.

We have just completed an HD Fly Pack featuring the new Panasonic HS410 production switcher. This system can be used with any camera, and offers a very small foot print and affordable rental rate combined with an amazing amount of power and flexibility for signal distribution, transcoding, scaling and routing.

The Panasonic HS410 HD switcher has 13 inputs, including SDI, HD-SDI, DVI(digital and analog) and 5 HD-SDI outputs, plus component and 2 DVI outputs which are scalable to various computer resolutions. The HS410 has a multi-viewer, a built-in 7" LCD display for menus, images and scopes, 4 auxiliary buses, and many advanced features previously not seen at the price point. This switcher is available separately with multi-viewer display or with our new HD Fly Pack. We offer various camera/CCU options, and recording options, such as AJA Ki Pro ProRes decks.

Also new at SSV is the Panasonic HPX250 P2 full raster HD camera that brings a 10-bit, 100Mbps, 4:2:2, I-Frame codec to a palmcorder form factor for the first time with AVC-Intra 100, the same recording format found in our HPX2700 P2 Varicam HD camera. The HPX250 excels at green screen work and heavy grading, color correction.

We also have several high quality HD LCD production monitors/scopes by Flanders Scientific, Leader, Panasonic and TV Logic, ranging from 5.6" to 21" to compliment our cameras and HD fly pack.

Finally, in addition to our Analog Way Di-VentiX 2-channel HD seamless switcher/scaler, which is great for projection and flat panel display switching, we've added an Analog Way Pulse 300 2-channel HD seamless switcher/scaler, offering many of the same features of the Di-VentiX at a lower cost. Either of these units compliment our new HD fly pack for live production nicely.

We plan to add a new Super 35mm Digital Cine camera very soon, because we remain committed to film style production with its cinematic imagery. This means SSV will have cameras with 1/3", 1/2", 2/3", micro 4/3" and Super 35mm sensors and several recording format options to choose from. We're happy to help figure out how to apply these options to best suit your specific project--contact us anytime!

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