Friday, September 10, 2010

New Panasonic AF100

The soon to be delivered Panasonic AG-AF100 micro 4/3" large sensor HD camera debuted as a working model at IBC today. Finally, 35mm selective focus and wide field of view, in a small form factor with real video camera features. Here are some details from UrbanFox.TV Blog:

UrbanFox.TV Blog: New Panasonic AF100/AF100

And Barry Green at as well as a European blog:

The AF100 promises to offer Panasonic colorimetry, gamma options, variable frame rates up to 1080/60P, in addition to HD SDI and HDMI simultaneous outputs, orientable HD LCD display, plus ocular HD viewfinder, XLR audio inputs and a CMOS sensor that is 4x larger than a 2/3" video camera and very close to 35mm Academy frame size. Using lens mount adapters, it will accept 35mm SLR lenses and PL-mount motion picture lenses. AF100 is a real video camera without DSLR compromises, ie; not designed as a still camera with video as an afterthought, greatly reduces aliasing and CMOS skewing issues.

SSV will be adding this camera to our rental inventory as soon as it is available........stay tuned!

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